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Just last week I finished 13 Reasons Why. It took me about 4/5 days to finish it. I’m really bad at watching shows – I’m just not able of finishing any and keeping up with them. I hate that! But I managed with this one and man, am I happy I did.

WARNING: This review contains a LOT of spoilers, sowwy. Please think twice about if you want to read this review when you’re sensitive to topics like depression and suicide.

What is it about?

The show is about Hannah and Clay, mainly. Hannah committed suicide and leaves 13 tapes behind with why she did what she did. The tapes are probably the beginning of the end. Clay is number 11 and the series is about him, the tapes, what happens after the tapes and about what happened in Hannah’s life. By the way, I haven’t read the book, but am planning to do so.

My favourite character? Let me just start with saying all the characters are so real… Like, they all have so much depth. I love that. Also, Tony. Tony’s hella awesome. YOU MA BOY, TONY. YOU DA SHIT. My least favourite character is probably Tyler. Tyler is just so out of his mind, so far gone and he doesn’t even properly realize what he’s doing wrong. Also, (FAN THEORY) I’m kind of scared of him for buying the guns in the last episode and I think he’s either planning on a school shooting or killing everybody else on the tapes (starting with Alex?) A lot of people are saying “yeah, but Justin also took his mothers’ gun.” Yeah, I think he’s going to try to shoot Bryce. Oh yeah, Bryce. Wait, I think I hate him just as much as Tyler. Disgusting little rat.

As much as I loved Hannah, I think it all traces back to mistakes. Small little mistakes. I think exactly that’s what makes this such a strong story. It are all small little mistakes that add up and no one thought that their mistakes had consequences. Just small teenage things, right? I think what drew Hannah over the edge, truly over the edge, was Bryce raping her. Asshole. That’s what scarred me most. It’s so horrible, so cruel and yet it happens quite often. That’s really scary, man.  I can’t imagine what it feels like and I hope, God I hope, no one ever has to go through that.

I find Clay’s tape so painful. If he would’ve told her he loved her, she’d probably be alive. Then again, if any of them did/didn’t do what they did, she’d probably still be alive. Fucking sucks, doesn’t it?

The show changed me. Sure, books and shows and movies change you, whether it’s in the smallest way, they always leave something behind.  I think about what I say to people, I try to be more kind. I don’t always succeed but hey, it’s a good thing I’m trying, right?

I hear a lot of complaints about the show being too graphic. First of all, I don’t think it’s that bad. Have you all ever seen a horror movie? I don’t understand why something so realistic and true to life is such a big deal. Of course, it’s shocking. Duh. I think it’s important you see what impact your words leave on somebody like actually, truly see what your words can lead to.

My conclusion:
Fuck yeah, 13 Reasons Why! It’s a great show with great acting, great music and an amazing storyline. Yes, you should absolutely see it. Yes, there should ABSOLUTELY come a season 2. There are still so many questions. You know, actually, I think this is something that should be shown in High Schools. Hell yes! Please know how the girl you called ‘slut’ feels, please know how the boy you pushed down the stairs feels.

Please understand how it feels to feel so left out and alone.

UPDATE: My gosh, what a coincidence! Season 2 just officialy got announced. YESSS!


Here are some links that can help you if you’re going through any kind of struggle. Please, feel free to contact these if that’s the case. Amber and I are also always here to talk, if you ever feel like doing that.




I love you!

–  Sigrid

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