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Wow. I finished A Game of Thrones. Gosh, it took me a very long time but I’m very happy that I didn’t quit reading. So, hi guys! Long time no see ;). As you may know, this post will contain spoilers, so leave if you don’t want to be spoiled.

I give it a five out of five stars because everything you want in a high fantasy book, was in this book. I first tried to read it in English, but it was just too difficult for me. It may come to a surprise to a few people because I am Dutch, but I like to read my books in English: it expands my vocabulary and since my education is three-quarters in English it is very handy for me. But I am only fourteen and the words (not all of them, of course) were just too difficult for me. But I finished it in Dutch and learned some new Dutch words ;).

Still, I really liked the way it was written. It was being told in a way by the writer but in another way it wasn’t. All the characters were special and unique in their own way, something I really appreciate because not all books own this quality. My favorite characters were Eddard and Arya. I can’t believe the way Joffrey is treating Sansa, making her feel special, making her feel loved and then betray her by beheading her father. What a nice betrothed must she have *note the sarcasm* I feel some sympathy for Sansa but still, I didn’t like her that much. Also, Arya is really smart for a nine-year-old girl. And Bran, don’t get me started on what this mother-effing Cersei and Jaime did to him. Just because he saw the Kings-murderer with his twin sister doesn’t mean he can just throw him out of the window!

I don’t like Daenerys, yet. I know she will have some major character growth coming, especially what happened after Drogo’s death/murder and her son being stillborn. I can’t wait to know what will happen to her and her dragons. It’s all very exciting!

The story of Jon, how he’s growing up on the Wall and he makes friends (You go, Jon!). Also, I read soooo many spoilers about Jon that I practically know everything that is going to happen to him – you know things about his real parents and Eddard not being his father and stuff. I really hope Caitlyn will be alive when she realises Eddard isn’t the father of Jon and somehow loves Jon. Probably not going to happen, but still.

So many things have happened in this book, I can’t list them all, of course.

I think that’s enough for today and I think I’m going to read the next book in this series very soon!

Bye, guys!

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