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Hi, guys! Amber Here!

So Sigrid, Linde (a good friend of us) and I, went to see Allegiant yesterday. And holy moly – this movie!

I loved it. It was much better than Insurgent, but it was nothing like the first movie: Divergent. I didn’t reread Allegiant before the movie because I would compare the movie too much with the book. This movie followed more of the book than Insurgent and I really liked it. I give it an 4 out of 5 stars. I really enjoyed it.

But I missed some things, for example, the quality time between Christina and Tris. I couldn’t stop comparing Caleb to Augustus Waters from the Fault In Our Stars. I could tell when they used a Green Screen but that was only a couple of times (!).

The sassy comments of Peter made me laugh so hard since they were true but still funny. I didn’t like this Nita girl, though. She would make a good team with Peter if you know what I mean 😉. It was a bit too futuristic to me, for example, the camouflage wall. Like what is that thing? Overall I enjoyed it very much. It was better than Insurgent, even though it didn’t really follow the book, sort of.

XX Amber

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