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Hello, everyone! School starts for me again this week. Which is why I have decided to make a blog post about me going back to school and what it might mean for the blog. I also will include some tips to get you through your school year, if you still go to school. Let’s start :).

I haven’t gotten my schedule yet but if it’s anything like I had last year and what my cousin had last year (we go to the same school and her schedule really sucked, she’s one class above me) then it’s going to be a terrible school year for me. I will have a lot of free hours in between lessons which means I can go home or I have to stay in school for a couple of hours for a lesson or two. But I could get some reading/reviewing done in those hours, if, of course, I’m not busy with school.

This year will be quite an important year for me because it’s the year before I graduate, I will already have some school exams which count for about 50% for my final mark next year. I do have a lot of classes which I find really interesting and fun and the only subject for which I need to use my calculator is Economics so this school year might be easier for me.

Depending on how many tests and how much homework I get I might write fewer blog posts. I’m currently working ahead on a couple of posts so that I can at least post some things on here.

I think that is about it for my back to school thing. Now I will share some tips with you.

  • Plan ahead. Really, this saved me a couple of times last school year and I actually had some free time!
  • Now this one may seem a bit shocking to you, but if you’re tired and you still want to read, don’t. You will be exhausted the next day which will lead to worse results for you. Believe me, I tried this and I got insufficient’s on my tests and you really don’t want that. Instead, if you want to read, plan some time on the weekends between homework and studying. This will give you some relaxation and you still did some things for school!
  • When you get home from school don’t take a break, just grab some food and something to drink and go to your desk, put your music on (or whatever you prefer while studying) and work on things for school. You might finish early because you still had your concentration from school and then you can do whatever you want!
  • Now for tests, I use my bullet journal and diary to keep track off when I have a test. I will draw dots so that I can see how many days before the test I have to study. I will assign a color to each subject so it makes it easier for me.
  • If you can, always write a summary this means that you don’t have to read every unimportant thing in your book/notes and will save you time!

That’s about it for today, I hope it gave you some inspiration and good luck with school!


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