Blogmas – Amber

Hello everyone! This year I will be attempting blogmas! For everyone who doesn’t know what blogmas is, you basically write and upload either 12, 25 or 31 blog posts every day. Since today is December 1st, this will be my first blog post. I think I’ll try the 12 blog posts first, but if I feel like I can do more I’ll try to write even more.

So what kind of blog posts will you be expecting?

  • A lot of book tags! They’re fun, easy and not hard to make. Also, I’ve got a whole list of tags that I still want to do so expect a lot!
  • Reviews! Yes, we haven’t posted a review in a while and I promised a couple of weeks (lol, months) back that I would write some reviews.
  • Random things, but book related. I could do a book haul or my favourite books of 2017 etcetera.
  • Non-book related reviews. By this I mean, movie reviews or series reviews. I could also review some music albums if you’d like.

This is just an introduction post as to what you can expect in the next couple of weeks.


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