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Hello everyone! Today I’m going to talk to you about Bullet Journaling. For those of you who don’t know what Bullet Journaling is, here is a description:

The Bullet Journal is a customizable and forgiving organization system. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all of the above. It will teach you to do more with less.

As said by the official website. http://bulletjournal.com/

I will talk about a few points:

  • How to start/What can you do?
  • My experience

Let’s start!

How to start?

This is a very simple question: how can you start bullet journaling? There is a simple answer: do you have a blank notebook? A pen? Then you’re ready to go! Of course, you now are only a small step closer to bullet journaling so I’m going to explain it a little better.

Bullet journaling is whatever you want it to be. Most people (you don’t have to of course) start by making a Key. A Key is basically a list of symbols, each one means a different thing. Here is my Key in my current Bullet Journal:



You can make it fit your preferences, I’ve added a couple of other symbols to my new tracker (more about trackers later) but I don’t want to include them in my key.




After the key, most people save a couple of pages for the Index. The Index is where you are going to write down all your pages, keep in mind while doing this, most notebooks have above 80 pages so you should leave enough space to write down about 80 to 100 pages. Here is my current Index:

 It’s very simple. I just wrote down page numbers and description and did that twice as you can see by the line that separates them.

When you are finished with the Index you could make a yearly overview: A calendar with all months on it. This was already in my Bullet Journal when I bought it, just like 2 pages for the Index. This is how it looks:

It’s nothing fancy but when 2018 starts, I’m going to make it something nice.

My Bullet Journal also had a Goals diagram in it when I bought, in my old bullet journal I was using it but now I don’t. I feel like it’s a bit unnecessary but you can use it if you want. This is how it looks:

Now it really starts! Most people first begin with a cover page for that month but if you start it midway that month you might not want to, it’s all up to you! A couple of days ago I made my September cover page, monthly overview, expense tracker and Habit tracker and mood tracker. It looks like this:


My cover page is inspired by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDG5A_f2MCo&t=641s , I really love her videos and she is very talented!

In my monthly overview, I have a personal and a school section, for personal I will write things such as birthdays, anniversaries etcetera. For school, I will write down what tests I have on a day and other important school things, like when I have a free day ;).

I also have my goals section, here is what I want to accomplish each month, examples I have are writing 4 blog posts, read 3 books etcetera. Then I have the blog posts I want to Write section, this explains itself. Here is which blog posts I want to write for that month and which ones are more urgent to make.

The third section is Books I want to read, again it explains itself. These are the books I want to read/already started reading but which I want to finish. Next to the Books I want to read section I have my Reading Progress section, this is a section where I keep track of my progress in reading the books. I already started reading Lord of Shadows which is why it’s already partly colored.

Last but not least I have my Series Progress, this is exactly the same as the Reading Progress but for series instead of books.

A habit tracker is basically whatever you want to keep track of. For this month I’m going to be tracking my hours of sleep, vitamins taken, caffeine intake, H2o intake, reading hours, fruits eaten, when I cleaned my room and when I posted on Instagram. This is all per day.

Then I will track my moods, I drew some faces ranging from tired to angry to sad to happy to feeling the best I can.

The Expense tracker is fairly simple: I have the date, description and how much I got or how much I spent.

This is all optional of course, it’s just to give you an idea of what you can do in your bullet journal.

After all of the above-mentioned things, I have a page dedicated to my Kpop Workouts and then my weekly spreads begin. I use my weekly spreads as a to do list. Every day I’ll write what I have to do for example school, the blog and whatever else I want to do. Again, this is all optional, I know that not everyone finds this useful but I like it a lot. Here is my first weekly spread and my last weekly spread for September:

  I use to not make all weekly spreads for the month but since school is starting again I thought it would be easier for me if I had finished all of them already so that I can immediately use it.

Those are all the things I currently keep track off and do in my Bullet Journal but there are other things you could keep track off as well:

  • Lists (for example groceries you need, books you’ve read in 2017 I also currently keep track of that one, challenges, blog ideas, books you want to read, hauls, things you recently bought, series/films you recently watched, a packing list for when you go on a vacation).
  • Photos or inspirations (for example pictures of you and your family/friends, inspirational quotes, photos of countries you’ve visited etcetera).
  • Trackers (a tracker for when you’re writing, workout tracker, musical instruments tracker for how long you practiced, when you gave your plants water, when you studied for something and for how long, etcetera).
  • Birthdays, instead of a monthly overview of birthdays you could do a yearly overview, writing down for each month on one or two pages when it’s someone’s birthday.

Of course, you could do whatever you want with your bullet journal, if you want to doodle, doodle! If you want to make a page dedicated to an idol of yours or something like that, do that! If you want to make a list of your all time favorite songs make your list! Or if you’re in a book club keep track of all the books you’ve read together. Do whatever you want!

My experience.

I have been bullet journaling since the beginning of the year (I’m not kidding, I started on January first) and it changed my life, I don’t want to sound dramatic or something but it did change my way of planning. Every day after I came home from school, I sat down at my desk and the first thing I did was get my diary out of my backpack and transfer all the things I had to do for school into my bullet journal, I wrote down how many hours I slept and if I had taken my vitamins. I wrote down what I wanted to read, what I wanted to write and dare I say, I started writing and uploading more blog posts. I took more bookstagram photos and I knew when I had to study for upcoming tests. I even began drinking more water and less coffee.

I love bullet journaling, when I’m really stressed because of school I can find peace in my bullet journal while listening to music (preferably kpop 😉 ). It helps me keep track of all the things I have to do and which tasks I’ve already finished.

I recommend it to everyone. If you think you will only use it for a couple of days find inspiration! There are a lot of YouTubers who make videos where you can find inspiration and which makes you want to start bullet journaling again. I have a Pinterest board which I look into if I want to try new things. Here is the link to it: https://nl.pinterest.com/amb_rc_it/bullet-journal-inspirations/ . It really helps me a lot to being organized and to remember doing certain things.

For those of you wondering where I got my bullet journal: https://www.bol.com/nl/p/mijn-bullet-journal/9200000071825258/?suggestionType=typedsearch

It was only 12 euros and 50 cents but they raised the price a bit :/. Anyways there are a lot of beautiful notebooks you can use and a lot of ”official bullet journals” you can use.

I hope you enjoyed this post, it certainly was a whole lot of fun to make! I also hope you got some inspirations from this and let me know if you want more posts like this.


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