Beauty and the Beast Booktag – Sigrid

Whoo! So, I’ve been away for a bit, haven’t I? It’s been a weird few weeks for me. I’ve been to Paris and really went through an emotional rollercoaster these past few days. Honestly, my life is going all the way and it feels like it’s forgetting to take me with it. Does that sound […]

Kids Of Appetite Book Review – Sigrid

Hi! I recently read Kids Of Appetite by David Arnold. I finished it in three days, which really says something. I’m a quick reader, but I just can’t concentrate on one thing for too long – ADD, whazzup? For my doing, that’s probably the quickest I’ve ever finished a book. I know, I know, oh […]

The Summer Book Tag – Sigrid

Hi there! I know, I know, it isn’t really summer yet but it has been really hot here in the Netherlands and I needed something happy to write about, so here you go: Summer. Book. Tag. Let’s pretend it’s July and summer, mkay? I first saw this tag on The Lit Love her blog: […]

My TBR List – Sigrid

I’M ACTUALLY AN IDIOT. I have so many books on my shelf, yet I always find myself buying new ones. Here’s my dang Tbr-list: The Hobbit + Lord Of The Rings Trilogy The Raw Shark Texts – Steven Hall A Work In Progress – Connor Franta Oliver Twist -Charles Dickens Love Hurts – Malorie Blackman The First […]

Things Booknerds Are (Suprisingly) Good At – Sigrid

Fellow booklovers, it’s time to stand up with and stand with pride (and a book in our hands!) We are not antisocial, we are readers! We’re not procrastinating live, we’re just enjoying it differently! And heck, there’s a lot of things we booknerds are fricking good at. People won’t always acknowledge it and that’s okay, […]

Half Bad – Book Review – Sigrid

Heyo! I recently finished Half Bad by Sally Green and thought I’d put my opinion out there, since I heard very mixed reviews of it. So, here we go! What’s it about? You have good and bad witches. White and black. Easy. Not for Nathan. Nathan’s father is a black witch and his mother used […]

The Books & Coffee Blog in 2017

Hey guys! We’re celebrating our one year anniversary in February next year, which is in two months! We will get to the mooshy part later, but we wanted to inform you on some things that are going to change next year:  More posts on Instagram and on here. There have been times where we just […]