Fairy Loot July Box – Unboxing – Amber

Hello, lovelies! I just received my very first Fairy Loot box. The theme of July was ”Pirates and Power” and I really loved it. Beware, this post contains spoilers. If you haven’t received your July box yet, please do not read this! With no further do, here it is!

One of the first things I saw, was this amazing Bubble Bomb from Geeky Clean. it has two colors, red and blue, to represent Fireblood and Frostblood, which are from the ARC which was also included in this Fairy Loot.Foto 10-07-16 15 55 39

Then I saw this amazing, little Pop Funko key chain of Jon Snow! I really love Jon Snow, at least as far as I read Game of Thrones, and I am very happy with it! Fairy Loot sent out two versions. I have the frost version and the other version is Daenerys Targaryen which represents Fire.

Foto 10-07-16 15 58 35

We got a coloring bookmark from Behind The Pages that says ”Currently Reading”. This bookmark has been launched with this box, which is pretty cool because we can try it out as one of the first persons!

Foto 10-07-16 16 04 13

Guys, what I’m about to tell you is literally so good! We got this lip balm from Geeky Clean and tastes like coconuts. Every time I apply it, it smells like I’m in an exotic place far away. It’s called Pirate Bounty  and I wish I had some more of it, it’s that good!

Foto 10-07-16 16 14 02

We got this amazing black tote bag from Alice in Wonderbookland, that says ”I ship it”. It’s the perfect size for multiple books 😉

Foto 10-07-16 15 55 14

Then we got this amazing notebook from Museums & Galleries. Fairy Loot sent out two editions and I got the Treasure Island edition. Jup, that’s right. It looks like the book but it’s actually a notebook version!

Foto 10-07-16 15 57 03

Now, the books. Yes, you read that right. Every box included one paperback which still has to be released (I think the release date is tomorrow) and an ARC, which is going to be released in January 2017(!!!).

The book is Inherited by Freedom Matthews (I really love her name), she signed and dedicated every book. I already started reading it and  so far I really enjoy it. It’s something different! She wrote a letter and this was also included in the box.

Foto 10-07-16 15 58 10 Foto 10-07-16 15 56 40

Last but not least! It’s an ARC of Frostblood, written by Elly Blake, there were two covers. I got the Frostblood cover and it already looks absolutely amazing!

Foto 10-07-16 15 57 37

I really loved my very first box! And I am very happy with everything!

Have a nice day!



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