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This Sunday I saw Fantastic Beasts with my mum, because she took me as a surprise. It’s great having a booknerd for a mum, it really is. Anyhow (spoiler alert) I absolutely fell in love. Here’s what I think about it.


The special effects looked great, as did the set. I like a film with good special effects – makes it much more pleasant to watch. The set was incredibly pretty, too. I was blown away. The beasts were amazing. Every single one looked great and was so unique. They each had their own personality, and I think Newt knows every beasts inside out, making him a lovely character.

I was pleasantly surprised with the chosen cast. They were all great actors and I think I have a slight crush on Eddie Redmayne/Newton Scamander. You could see Eddie was really in his element. He portrayed Newt’s almost non-existing social skills really well and I couldn’t imagine anyone else doing it.

There was a good storyline. You don’t really know where the story is going in the first place, since it is told out of two perspectives: Credence and Newt. Later in the movie you understand why it is done this way and from there everything only gets better.

The references to the Harry Potter story, guys! I fangirled so hard. I love the differences shown between the English and American wizarding world. Ilvermorny, Hogwarts, Dumbledore and later in the film when they’re talking about a certain van Detta, Newt’s former best friend. I’M NOT GOING TO TELL YOU WHO IT IS, THOUGH IT IS THOUGHT OUT ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT. ONE OF MY FAVOURITE THINGS ABOUT THE MOVIE.

The clothing and music choises were nice. Hedwig’s theme in the beginning took me way back to memory lane. It came back one or two times, blended in almost unnoticeable with the soundtrack. The clothing was very 1920’s and as far as I know, pretty accurate. Newt’s bow-tie is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

oh my god

Jacob Kowalski. He’s great. He’s so great. I love the fella. I really liked the end involving Kowalski too. Just a nice, happy end without a horrible cliffhanger. I’m also very happy Tina and Newt didn’t kiss. I was in a great audience. I remember the entire audience laughing about a Harry Potter reference and I remember feeling so at home. Like, we all loved the same thing and were all laughing about a joke about something we all love. It was great.


Con’s (yes, I actually found some):

I didn’t like Tina. Not at all. I thought she was slightly annoying and too involved with Newt. I thought she was annoying. I also am very likely to hate the next movie(s) forever if Tina and Newt get in a relationship, or even kiss. Just saying.

I had to pee incredibly bad during the first part and kept it out for a good 40 minutes, so that’s that. Didn’t really help.

I’m not sure if anyone else feels this way, but in my opinion it was a bit all over the place sometimes. Not that I couldn’t keep up, that went fine, I don’t know. Not too sure.

Now my biggest con. Credence. His story was incredibly sad and it absolutely ripped me to pieces. His death was awful, too. It just didn’t feel right. I know we don’t know for sure if he really died, but it still broke me. It’s not that I didn’t want him in the movie, defenitely not, my con is just the crying and suffering I had to go through to eventually see him die.


That’s a wrap! As I said, incredible movie. 5/5 stars. I maybe want to go again, but I’m not sure yet. Can I handle all the emotions again?

Sorry for the absence, guys. I don’t know what was up with me, I just didn’t feel motivation. School kept me busy, and there was a lot going on in my head. Eventually, I have to take my mental health first, and the last few weeks it was a bit up and down. I’m fine, now! I’m a very happy potato again. Thank you for keeping up with me. Love you all very, very much. See you later!


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