Movies From Books To Look Out For In 2016 – Sigrid

Hi there!
As you know, we all quite like our books. Let’s be real, we all REALLY like our books. Luckily (or not, that depends) a lot of these books are getting adapted into movies, especially over the last years.

Now, this can cause a lot of positive, but also negative, feels. The Hunger Games, for example; great. Such a great saga, as a lot of the book fans, will probably agree with me. The Maze Runner, for the most part, great as well. One on the more floppy side of the spectrum can be Insurgent and The Scorch Trials. It’s not that they weren’t great, they were just spectacularly different from the book.

Let me run you over a few films coming out this and next year:
• Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them – November 18, 2016
•Ascendent – March 2017
•Allegiant – Veronica Roth – Already out
• Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – Already out
• The 5th Wave – Already out
• Alice Through The Looking Glass – June 1, 2016
•Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children – September 30, 2016

• The Selection -?
• Siege & Storm – ?
• The Catastrophic History Of You And Me -?

Have a lovely day!
Xx Sigrid