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I recently finished Half Bad by Sally Green and thought I’d put my opinion out there, since I heard very mixed reviews of it. So, here we go!

What’s it about?

You have good and bad witches. White and black. Easy. Not for Nathan. Nathan’s father is a black witch and his mother used to be a white witch, before she commited suicide. Up to the age of fourteen Nathan lived with his grandmother, before he got locked up in a cage. At the age of seventeen, he has to receive three gifts and choose his side. If he doesn’t receive his gifts, he’s convinced he’ll die.


I think Nathan as a character is great. He’s still so much a teenager, while growing up with a lot of other problems around him and you grow up with him. He has a strong personality, with a lot of emotions and questions. He’s very independent and intelligent. You go, Nathan!

The story is set in our current world, in England, which I like. I can just imagine his accent and damn, it sounds good. Yes, I may be slightly attracted to Nathan. Don’t judge.

My favourite character? Gabriel and Gabriel by faaaar. Though he only appears in the last 1/3 of the book, he’s my favourite one. I never expected there to be a gay person, and I didn’t really expected it to be him either. But I love him! It isn’t really obvious he’s attracted to boys at first, or specifically, at Nathan.

Truth is, I really ship Gabriel and Nathan. I really do. Screw Annabelle. Gabriel and Nathan are the best motherfluffing power couple. Nathan is able to just break down when he’s with Gabriel. I *gasp* think this is one of my all time favourite ships. I know!

Let’s talk Annabelle. I really can’t be bothered about Annabelle. I’m cool with her dying, actually. She’s isn’t as well written as all the other characters and I think Nathan holding on to her is actually just Nathan holding onto the last available piece of his less chaotic past. Do I think he’s actually, truly in love with her? I don’t know.

The story is quit quick. You start when he’s eleven (I think) and the book ends on his seventeen birthday. Six years in about 300 pages, but it is well done. I didn’t find anything specifically confusing or bothering. I finished it in a day, because I was so eager to know what’d happen next. And here I am, hanging onto the cliffhanger, waiting until I can read the next book.

4/5 Stars.


I live, guys! I’m going to be more active from now on.

Bye bye!


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