Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone Review – Sigrid

Harry Potter

5/5 (or should I say 9¾/10?)

I loved it so much! Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve read and watched Harry Potter before. Of course, I have, who hasn’t? If you haven’t, I highly recommend it. I’ve put it off for a long time but am so glad I started reading it anyway.

The thing is that it was read to me when I was a small bean so I couldn’t remember much of it because I have such a terrible memory. My mom is a huge Harry Potter fan, so I luckily could borrow the books from her and fangirl together with her.

Harry is way sassier in the books than in the films and Hermione is so witty! I’ve always loved Hermione, but reading it now (6 years later) I’m even more in love with her character. The book could absolutely be a book on its own, but I’m glad it isn’t. I worked through it in about a week, but I’m getting into reading again, so when I’m at the third or fourth book I’ll probably be done with it in a few days.

While at first it seemed like a book meant for younger children to me, it got pretty mature quickly. When Hagrid had to ditch his dragon – absolutely broke me. It was just so sad! I really loved Harry looking in the Mirror of Erised. It was a really precious moment I was sharing with him. You have a lot in this series that you – the reader – are sharing these little moments with Harry and it’s really nice.

The picture included is the Dutch edition I own. What does your Harry Potter look like? And what house would you be in? I would definitely be a Ravenclaw! Yes, I did the 50 questions test. Yes, I’m crazy. Let’s wrap this up, shall we? I loved the book and have just started in The Chamber Of Secrets.

Don’t forget to get your healthy daily amount of books and coffee, OK?

Bye, loves!