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Hello my lovely potatoes! Today I will be sharing my review about ‘Heartless’ by Marissa Meyer. First of all, yes this review will contain spoilers if you do not want to be spoiled then please leave.

”She spoke without feeling, unburdened by love or the pain of a broken heart. It was a new day.”

What is the book about?

The book is about a girl, named Catherine Pinkerton. Her parents are nobility which makes her also a noble. But she wishes she’d was a baker. She wants to open her own bakery with her best friend and maid Mary Ann. Her parents, mostly her mother, hates that Cath only bakes but she’s fine with Cath baking for the king of Hearts. And that’s what her mother wants: for Cath to marry the king of Hearts and becoming the Queen of Hearts.

Cath and her parents always get invited for the dances and balls, which the King has organised. The only problem is that the King is a little weird. He is not very tall, has weird hair and is always giggling. I kinda hate him A LOT. Catherine and her parents get invited to this black and white ball, which Catherine doesn’t know and she shows up in a beautiful red dress. Her mother did this on purpose because she thinks the King is going to ask for her hand. Halfway through the ball, the new Joker performs an act. Catherine is shocked because he looks exactly like the boy in her dreams. After he performed the King wants to make an announcement, Catherine fears the worst and ask her Chesire cat to distract everyone so she can flee. She runs outside to the palace gardens where she meets ”Jest”, also known as the Joker. She immediately likes him and is attracted to him.

After they spent some time in the gardens she goes home. When her family returns they are sobbing and very scared. Cath asks what’s wrong and they tell her that the Jabberwocky has come and has taken two servants. So the Jabberwocky, which used to be a legend, is alive and terrorising the peaceful kingdom. Catherine is angry with the King for doing nothing and she is meeting the Joker from time to time.

He eventually shows up at her window and takes her to a tea party where she meets the Hatter and all kinds of other persons/animals who are there for the tea party as well. The night turns out very bad with the Jabberwocky showing up. He almost takes Cath and the Turtle but then the Lion steps between them. The Jabberwocky takes the Lion and eventually eats him. (I cried).

Jest and Cath meet up for multiple times after this and she realises she’s falling in love with Jest. Meanwhile, the King has asked Cath’s father for permission to courtship her. Cath doesn’t want to, but says yes anyway because she wants to make her parents happy.

There happens A LOT of things before the King asks for her hand and she says yes. In the end, she has become a Heartless Queen (literally) and doesn’t care about the King in any way. She is literally heartbroken and offers her heart to the Three Sisters.

The main characters:

  • Catherine Pinkerton, she is about 17 years old and loves baking. She has a dream, which she shares with her best friend and maid, to open their own bakery. She has long dark brown hair, big brown eyes and a very pale skin. The King loves everything she bakes. She is a very kind and sweet person until her fate has come. She needed to claim it in order to save Mary Ann from the Jabberwocky.
  • Jest or the Joker, he has big yellow eyes and black curly hair. He was the King’s Joker and loved Cath deeply. He is very humorous and friendly. I loved his personality. He cares for his friends and doesn’t want Cath to marry the King, but he also does want Cath to marry the King.
  • The Hatter, I sort of liked him, he was an amazingly complex character and he cared very much for Jest and the Raven. He didn’t like Cath very much but he didn’t want her to be so heartbroken. I liked his character a lot, especially how he acted around his friends and sometimes even around Cath.

My opinion:

I love, love, love this book. It might be my new favourite book (after the Hobbit, of course). It was such an interesting read, I haven’t read the original story but I have read ‘Queen of Hearts’ by Colleen Oakes. There are just so many different retellings about the same person/world. This book was truly amazing. It was fast paced, had a great story line and I love the writing style. I must congratulate miss Meyer with another amazing 5-star book. (Given by me).

It was so different than the Lunar Chronicles but, it might have been better. I’m serious, I love the Lunar Chronicles but I adore Heartless. Heartless was funny, romantic, sad and heartbreaking. I found it very interesting how Catherine changed but I really wish she could have opened a bakery with Mary Ann. She had done nothing wrong to turn out like the Queen of Hearts without a heart. The King of Hearts, however, can I say that I despise him. He didn’t see or didn’t want to see, how he made Catherine feel. She was so, so unhappy around him and was just very selfish in my opinion. Cath made the decision to marry him so she would make her parents happy and proud but he just… Ugh. I really despise him.

I gave it 5-stars. Originally, I wasn’t planning on buying this book. I read the description and wasn’t very interested. Then I stumbled upon it while I was in a bookstore with my sister. I was like, I got to have this book (I found the Dutch cover more beautiful so I bought the Dutch translation. No regrets.) and bought it, along with the first Magnus Chase book.

To anyone who isn’t sure whether to buy this book or not, buy it. You won’t regret it!

“Mind my words, Cheshire, I will have you banished from this kingdom if you tempt me.”
“An empty threat from an empty girl.”
She rounded on him, teeth flashing. “I am not empty. I am full to the brim with murder and revenge. I am overflowing and I do not think you wish for me to overflow on to you.”
“There was a time” – Cheshire yawned – “when you overflowed with whimsy and icing sugar. I liked that Catherine better.”

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