How To PROPERLY Borrow A Book – Sigrid

Hey there!

Since SOME PEOPLE don’t know how to borrow a book properly (no names) let me inform your uneducated butts on how to do just that, okay?

This mainly focuses on borrowing a book from a friend because I don’t give a fluff about what you do to the books you borrow from your library and neither do the people from the library. So go ahead: lick it, sit on it, scratch your back with it, wipe your bugger with the pages, throw it across the room, borrow it to your “friend” that destroys all your books! Just get it to stay that intact that it still looks like a book. I challenge you to do the #thuglibrarylife challenge. DISCLAIMER: You don’t do this to your friend’s or family member’s book. Here’s some things you should and shouldn’t to do them, though.

I am writing this post because people like me really care about their books and truly get upset/angry when their books are returned in bad state. If you’re friend won’t let you borrow her books again, this probably happened and that doesn’t mean you did it, but someone did. Just please be aware people spend a lot of money on their books and care about them. Okay, let’s go!

RULE NUMBER UNO: You don’t bend, fold or dog-ear the pages, thank you very much. I will hunt you down. You do buy a very cheap bookmark from our shop that is launching soon. 😂

RULE NUMBER TWO-O: You don’t eat or drink anything stains like crazy (ea. crisps, soup/noodles) when reading the borrowed book. You do eat something healthy like fruit instead that, just because it’s good for you and you deserve to feel good. Chocolate also doesn’t stain when it’s not too warm 😉

RULE-O NUMBER THREE: You don’t rip or damage the dust jacket of hardcovers. You do take it off when necessary to prevent this, while reading. You just put it on again when you’re done.

RULE NUMBER QUATORZE: You don’t loan it to someone else before asking the person you borrowed it from. The person you borrow it from will likely say no, but be fluffing decent and at least ask. I don’t care your friend really wants to read it too. I don’t. They can easily get it at the library or borrow it from someone else or buy it themself if they want to read it that badly.

RULE NUMBER FIVE-I-DIVE-Y & SIX: You don’t take it for granted.  Actually read the dang thing. You do ask if you can return the favour. No “eventually”. You don’t give it back after a blooming lifetime or just not at all. DO YA KNOW HOW RUDE THAT IS. Three weeks is a-ok! Do do that!

RULE NUMBER SEVAAAHN: You don’t just throw paperbacks in your bag. The cover will fold, at it’s least. You do put it in a box or separate bag.

That’s it! Not that hard, right? Okay, I’m logging off now. Bye!

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