Heroes Of Olympus: The Lost Hero vs. Percy Jackson: The Ligthning Thief – Sigrid



As you may see, this is going to be an intense fight. Two first books, two different main characters, two worlds, one author. Which one did I like more, HOO or PJO? I read Heroes Of Olympus most recently and I just wanted to quickly say that I love Leo. He’s such a sassy, cool character with his weak spots and his difficult youth and that’s what makes me love him so much. Okay, let’s get into the fight!

Heroes Of Olympus is much more mysterious and goes more in depth into the mind of the characters, whereas Percy Jackson is more ‘fighting! Swords! Annabeth! Gods being a-holes!’ No offence, I love Percy. I give Leo being sassy A+ and can’t wait till sassy queens Percy and Leo meet. Do they meet? I don’t even know. I hope so! #noob I really liked Percy being more humane if that makes sense. Heroes of Olympus just screams secrets and I can’t stand it (in a good way)! All the Heroes Of Olympus characters have something to hide, except coach Hedge, he’s just chilling. A lot of things stay unclear in The Lost Hero, so you’re forced to read the next book. The Lightning Thief could very well be a standalone, too.

I kinda love Piper/Jason/Leo (HOO) and Annabeth (PJO) struggling so much in the separate books. It really gives them as characters depth. The monsters in Percy Jackson are more original and differ more, from the first book on. In Heroes of Olympus, there was a slight aspect of Roman and I know that’s going to develop, but I didn’t really like it. It just made things more complicated.

As far as love goes, I’m very sorry, Percabeth for the win. Whereas they had this ‘hate you, love you’ relationship from the start, Piper and Jason are just generally f-ing confused and are like ‘sure, I’m attracted, but I do not remember them AT ALL and generally don’t know anything about them. But there is SOMETHING.’ Complex, I know. I liked the writing style from the Percy Jackson books more because it was more youthful and easier to read, without making it childish and too simplistic. Then again, books that are written in he/she persona, easily tend to get old-fashioned, sometimes even slightly cocky. I personally think Rick Riordan just has to keep writing in the first person. I think there should’ve been more Annabeth in Heroes Of Olympus, but then again, she had her spotlight in Percy Jackson and will come back more in the next books from HOO. I just missed her a little bit.

So, here’s a list of general things that are important for a book and the one that comes out most is our winner!

Writing Style: PJO

Characters: HOO

Humour: PJO

Appearance of the book: HOO

Plot: HOO

Romance: PJO

Ending: PJO

Favourite sidekick buddy (Grover vs Leo): HOO

I had so much trouble choosing, but here it is: the winner is Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon. In my heart, I know that’s how it’s supposed to be. I mean, he is the start of it all. Thank you all so much for joining in with me today and I’ll see your cute nerdy faces later!


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