How I’m Going To Be Productive This Summer – Amber

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to share with you how I’m going to be productive this Summer since I don’t go on a holiday.

The other day I saw a video of KatyTastic about how she wants more structure in her life, I want the same except I already have it when it’s not a holiday. So here are my plans on how to be productive this summer:

  1. Wake up every day at the same time. This means that after a while you will wake up automatically at the same time or around that time, this is already the case with me but still.
  2. Go to ”work” at the same time every day. By this I mean I’m going to work on the blog, read and write starting at the same time every day. I might start at 9 or 10 in the morning, work until 12, have a small break and go back to work until 4 or 5 in the afternoon, of course, I can get coffee or tea or whatever snack I want at a time I want it but I can’t go and sit on the couch and do nothing (like, that’s not the plan). This will also mean that a lot of new reviews and tags are coming to the blog so you can look out for that!
  3. Learn Norwegian and Korean, languages are my thing. I enjoy learning them and love to be a translator some day. This will also be included in my work day!
  4. Bullet journal more often, I use to bullet journal every day right after I came home from school, well, guess what? Since I don’t have anything to do now I can’t plan anything in my bullet journal.
  5. Exercise more often, whether this is going to be yoga, jogging or just walk more often I want to exercise more, become healthier.
  6. Take more photos for our bookstagram. This is a very important plan I have. Recently I created my own bookstagram but I don’t blog on it, so I want to take photos for both that bookstagram and for our shared one. Some people might not understand why I created my own bookstagram so I’m just going to explain it here: it’s kind of frustrating if you don’t know who is going to post on a day, it would be stupid to make a schedule for it since you might not have photos ready at that day. I created my own bookstagram so I can post whenever I want, not because I don’t like our own bookstagram because I do so very much love it. And that brings me to plan 7.
  7. I want to post at least twice a day on our bookstagram (my own I don’t know, just when I feel like posting). So either Sigrid and I can post both once a day or I can post twice or Sigrid can post twice, whatever we will sort it out.

That’s probably it, if I figure out some other plans I will add it here in this post. I hope you can find some inspiration in this post as well as some similar productive plans for yourself!


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