How To Get Over Your Reading Slump – Sigrid

Hi, it’s me!

We can all agree on one thing: reading slumps are the worst. What is a reading slump, one may ask. Let me tell you.

Reading Slump:

“Not being able to pick up a book and read because you just can’t, you just can’t read.”

Every passionate book reader has been through at least of these. You look at your bookshelves and think: maybe another day. Even though you have 80 books you still have to read, you rather stare at your Instagram feed for two hours than picking up a new book because it’s just SO. MUCH. EFFORT. (not being sarcastic here- it’s really hard.) Here’s how to get over your reading slump in a few simple steps.

1) Pick a book of your absolute favorite genre. It will be a lot easier to get through. If this doesn’t work, right, throw that whole tip out. Try something new, something you’d normally never read. Maybe you’ll like it! 

Or 1) Reread your favorite book. You know you’ll love it, right? 

2) Set a goal for yourself. “I want to read x pages/chapters in one week. Hundred would be fair, just a bit of a guideline. You’ll be a lot more likely to pick it up again, because you want to reach that goal. 

3) Stop the suffering by reading books with 500 or more pages with no end and step it down by reading something with 250 pages or less. You’ll finish the book a lot quicker and feel just as content.

4) Listen to some music in the background while reading , maybe even music that fits the book. Don’t put it on too loud, or it’ll distract you but just like anything you don’t want to do: music probably makes it more bearable. 

5) Don’t start reading if you still have unfinished tasks! I stress this one! You can’t read if your head is filled up with everything you have yet to finish. 

6) Go to your library. This is how I got out of my recent slump. Maybe you don’t feel reading the books you own, that’s fine. Go visit your library! I can bet ya they have a lot more plus, free books man!

7) I’m sorry I’m going to make your addiction even worse. There’s just no other option. Buy new books! Yes, you go buy that book you’ve always wanted to read but never came around to. (Pro tip: don’t do this when in huge debt. Please. Just buy your broccoli and not the newest Karin Slaughter book.)

8) Phone at home; book in bag. That’s all I’m going to say. 
So, that’s it. I really hope they will help you out because I know not being able to just start reading is horrible. I’m currently well aware starting my new reading slump because I really want to read I’ll Give You The Sun because it’s so popular, but am 60 pages in and just can’t get myself to continue reading. I WILL READ IT. EVENTUALLY.

Goodbye, my loves. Until the next one! 


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