How To Make Me (Sigrid) The Perfect Coffee

Perfect coffee


Heya, it’s Sigrid!

I love coffee. I mean come on. Our blog is not The Books & Coffee Blog for no reason. I fricking love coffee but have a very particular way to prepare my coffee, I guess… I’m not a picky person, but good coffee is just very important to me. This is also reason number ∞ why I wouldn’t survive a zombie apocalypse: I probably won’t be able to survive if I hadn’t had my coffee that day. Ah, well. So, here’s how to make me the absolute best cup of coffee. If you’re able to do this, I am very likely to date you, hug you or instantly make you my best friend. Your choice ? This one is inspired by this video // by Dodie Clark (doddleoddle). She’s my absolute favourite youtuber, so check her out!

  1. I don’t like small mugs. First of all, they are hard to hold and most likely to burn your fingers. Second of all, why have a small mug when you can get a big one from which you can also just provide a whole village for coffee. That’s the best! I have this cute mug that says: “Shut Up I’m Writing” and coincidentally Amber has “Shut Up I’m Reading.” Best friend goals much?
  2. I DO NOT like really strong coffee, but not also not too lousy. I want a perfect in-between coffee with two -mind, two– sugar cubes, whipped cream and a little bit of cocoa powder, just a little bit, I don’t wanna choke either. MMM. I believe this is called a Caffé Mocha. I only really do this when I’m feeling fancy or have a me-day because most of the time I’m number 3.
  3. When I’m in the need of coffee, I’ll take everything. I prefer Cappucino, but everything will do. Just give me my liquid form of life and I’ll be happy. Two sugar cubes and a little bit of milk. Now, I do like my coffee strong in this case. As a 40-year-old mom Facebook post once said: Good Ideas start with Great Coffee ( No offence 40-year-old moms. We love you!)
  4. Ice Coffee?

In general, I love the beans more that coffee pads. As I said: I am one very cocky coffee drinker. Also, yes I’m that idiot that draws figures in their coffee. Am I the only one? I also searched up a few nerd appropriate, cute mugs if you’re interested. Plus, they’re all below $15,- because I know we’d all rather spend our money on books(without shipping!) Great deal, right?

Amazon – Basic 18 Ounce Jumbo Cup $11.99

Amazon – 16 Ounce First Line Literature Quote Coffee Mug $14.95

Paagman – Shut Up I’m Reading/Writing or Disturb At Your Own Risk (Our Mugs) $5,45

Etsy – 22 Ounce Oh My God Becky Look At Her Cup Own Design $10,27

Etsy – 1o Ounce I Like Big Books Ananas  $13,02


Etsy – Lennymud (Seller) (makes absolutely the cutest fandom stuff! )

Well, I guess that was it! Please try one of these coffee ideas and check out these highly adorable coffeecups. I hope you have a wonderful day and drink loads of sweet coffee!



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