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Hello, everyone! It’s Amber. Today I thought I would share my tips and tricks of outlining and plotting a story. Since it’s almost November (just 31 days to go!), and NaNoWriMo almost starts! You can, of course, do it your own way, I just post the way I (will) do it here for help. Now, let’s start!


When writing a story, a plot is a need for your novel. Some people use Scrivener, but since you have to pay $40.- (Which I don’t have), I might use the 30 free days trial. Because November is 30 days. This means that I first need to write my plot, ideas, characters etc. in either my notebook or in Word.

First of all, you need an idea, if you do not have an idea yet, please read some books, get out of your comfort zone and read multiple genres, this does not mean that you have to steal the plot of the book/books that you are reading. It’s just to get yourself an idea.

Then, do you know what your main character looks like? What is his/hers hair colour, eye colour, body type etc. Does your character already have a name? And what about the surname? Without all this, your story won’t come together.

Does your main character have friends? What kind of role do they play in your story? Do they make it more complicated for your character? Do they confess their undying love for your main character? Do they betray your main character?

Start thinking about the ending, this may sound weird but the ending is where your characters need to go, right? To make your story come together. You can look up some old Camp NaNoWriMo word sprints and try to write with some of the prompts on Twitter, just look for camp NaNoWriMo or #wordsprints. This may also give you ideas for your story.

How does your plot come together?

Obviously, you need to figure out in which tense you want to write, in what kind of form you want to write (3rd person, 1st person etc). Just write, word vomit it all onto your paper/screen. Editing comes later. Also, do you want to write from multiple points of view?

If you want to write fantasy, you might need to create a whole new world, something which I tried but failed miserably, I, however, will still give you tips:

  1. Landscape
  2. Cultures
  3. Climate, temperature, weather in general
  4. How do the people look?
  5. Religions (?)

Think about the things which you feel will make your world complete. Details are very important, this makes the outlining easier and think about the things you want in it.

Remember that you need to write for yourself, don’t think about other’s opinions, think about yourself first.

I hope I can see you write during NaNoWriMo! Good luck with plotting and outlining!

Bye, guys!

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