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I recently read Kids Of Appetite by David Arnold. I finished it in three days, which really says something. I’m a quick reader, but I just can’t concentrate on one thing for too long – ADD, whazzup? For my doing, that’s probably the quickest I’ve ever finished a book. I know, I know, oh man, you don’t have to applaud me. I mean, unless you want to.

On that note, how was this book?

What is it about? 

It’s about five kids who later in the book decide to call themselves the Kids Of Appetite, or KOA for short. Zuz doesn’t speak. Coco is from Queens. Baz is the leader. Mad is addicted to The Outsiders. Vic ran away from home. The story is alternately told by Vic and Mad.

What did I think?

It truly was really addicting. I read the book in Dutch, by the way. I like the idea of his father’s ashes being thrown into special places, but somehow the concept just doesn’t seem original to me. I don’t know why. I’m sure I’ve heard it before, I just can’t think of where.

Usually I’m not for open ends. I don’t like them: I want closure. To my surprise, I was totally okay with it in this book and that’s probably because of how the rest of the story is set up. The whole story is so unique, so one of a kind I couldn’t think of a way it could’ve possibly ended.

The writing style was nice: it was very developed and consisted of a lot inside “jokes” that just really gave the book it’s shape. I know some people find this writing style incredibly annoying, but I quite liked it since it made me feel more connected with the characters. There wasn’t one character I disliked, story wise. As said before, the story was told by Mad and Vic who (spoiler alert) later fall in love. Their romance was something you just knew from the start: it was quite predictable. Made that it less likeable? No! They’re perfect for each other. Although the story is supposed to be a “murder mystery”, it barely is. It tells about the days that lead up to the murder and in between the police interviews. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing: I’m saying my library is bad at classifying books. I didn’t really read the police interviews, to be fair. I read them, but not with a lot of attention. Vic is my favourite character. He is very intelligent and has such a pretentious, unique way of telling his side of the story. Absolutely lovely!


Final Conclusion

It’s a frakking good book, mate! It has a great storyline, with diverse characters and it just keeps you reading. I have yet to read Mosquitoland, but I have high expectations now. I think David Arnold is an author with great talent and a lot of fantasy. For Kids Of Appetite: definitely give it a try (and don’t always trust your library).

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4/5 Stars!

That’s it! That’s my Kids Of Appetite book review. Let me know what you though of it and what you though of the book, if you’ve read it.

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