NaNoWriMo 2016 & Writing Tips + Meet-Up -Sigrid

Nanowrimo is only a few hours away and Amber, our best friend Linde and I are contesting for our first year EVAAH! My story is called The Boy Behind The Piano and I decided I wanted to write something sooo different from what I usually do. My book for this years deals with mental illnesses, but also with just being a (real) teenager and needing help sometimes, even though you don’t always want to admit it. The boy in the story is called Oliver and that make me realise how fricking cute the name Oliver is. I want to name my son Oliver in the future, I think. It’s. So. Cute. Amber decided to write in Dutch and I decided to challenge myself and go for English. Anyway, I actually did not really want to talk about that. If you still have to outline (OH MY GOD WHY ARE YOU SO LATE) Amber wrote an entire blogpost about how to do that, which you can click on here.

Now here’s what I fear most about this year’s NaNoWriMo. It’s hard to stay original, I know that. It’s hard to not let the same things happen as in your other stories. I think a lot of authors struggle with that, so that’s why most people outline. I used to just write whatever I wanted, but I Always ended up having no idea where the story was going and flopping. Of course you don’t have to write down every single bit (“they glanced at each other”) because those things you will work into your story no problem. Just get the general mapping of where you want it to go.

The Meet-Up is only for Dutchies, but if you are in the Netherlands on that moment, come as well:

Okay, so. If you want to join the write-in, we’ll be at the one in Groningen. We can totally meet there and help each other, or just talk about books. We’ll be there from 13:00 untill 17:00. You’ll probably catch us drinking loads of coffee and crying because things aren’t working out. The venue is the library in Groningen. Of course, if you couldn’t care less about us, you can also just come and write for yourself, because we get you want to get most out of your writing.


Good luck everyone and get writing!

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