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Because our Instagram is growing pretty quickly and a lot of things are happening, I wanted to give you a little update on everything. The site (this blog) is now completely finished *sigh of relief*, finally! I just ordered a few books, so that’s really nice. OF COURSE, I will review those, for you guys ;). We’re thinking about doing a book-tag every week/ two weeks on a particular day, so what do you guys think about that? Tag- day. Do you think it’ll be fun, or just plain overkill? Let us know! I’ve ALMOST finished reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone. Amber’s birthday is next Thursday, so give her some birthday wishes too if you want. Hmm, anything else? Our Instagram has, as I’m writing this, 55 followers! In a month! Crazy! Well, we really enjoy doing it. It makes us both really, really happy. Oh, right! We also have a view other reviews and such coming up, so keep up with us if you’re interested in that. I think that’s about it! Don’t forget to give a look at our Instagram, and follow us if you like the things we do on there.


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