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The 5th wave

Hello! Amber here!

Let’s talk about the 5th Wave by Rick Yancey.

This book killed me (in a good, and not alien invasion way). I give it a 5 out of 5 stars. It was simply amazing. I liked every plot twist, every flaw and imperfection of the characters. It began very nerve wrecking (for me) and ended mysteriously. Like, where are they now, how have they come there, that kind of questions. I just loved Cassie. How she had to save her brother, because of a promise. How she knew she couldn’t trust Evan(<3) and how she acted when she saw that the zombie was the same person as Ben. I just loved it.

I liked how Rick Yancey started, kinda slow but still very exciting. It got more intense after the first 10(?) chapters. And he included a lot of real stuff, like periods, in almost every book I have read nothing about periods. Ever. So I really liked it when Cassie was talking about how she needed to have tampons with her and stuff. It just made the book more realistic to me. Rick included a lot of those realistic things in the book. It just made it seem real to me.

Now let’s talk about Ringer. I don’t like her. Even though I’m shipping Cassie with Evan, I love Cassie and Ben together. She always had a crush on him; he didn’t really know her. They are kinda like meant to be together. But Ringer. No. Stop it. If Ben is going to end up with Ringer, I’m gonna cry. She is kinda nice, though, with saving Ben. And then Sammie. And then coming back for them.

I love this book. It’s in my top ten all time favourites.

XX Amber

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