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Hello everyone! Day 6 of blogmas, today I’ll do the Book Blogger Confession Tag, I’ve found it here. Go check their blog out!

There are some rules: answer these questions truthfully, and tag 5 other book bloggers. I tag all of you, now let’s start!

1. Which book, most recently, did you not finish?

I don’t really do this, I’ll feel guilty if I don’t finish a book. But I’ve been reading Lord of Shadows since Summer and I still haven’t finished it, so I say Lord of Shadows. (It also gave me a reading slump so yay!).

2. Which book is your guilty pleasure?

TBH, all of the books I read as a child, I love them and I would love to rediscover them.

3. Which book do you love to hate?

Okay, this may seem a little weird but lately, I’ve got the feeling of strongly disliking most of the YA that got me into YA (Divergent, The Fault in our Stars, especially Twilight) but maybe that’s because I haven’t reread them recently.

4. Which book would you throw into the sea?

I really don’t have an answer to this question. I can’t think of a book I really hate.

5. Which book have you read the most?

Probably the Hunger Games and the Hobbit, I’ve read the Hobbit about 3 or 4 times and the Hunger Games maybe 5 or 6 times(?).

6. Which book would you hate to receive as a present?

The books I mentioned in question 3, so Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars and Twilight.

7. Which book could you not live without?

Three Dark Crowns, One Dark Throne, all the Lunar Chronicles books (including Stars Above and Fairest), the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, a Song of Ice and Fire books, Heartless.

8. Which book made you the angriest?

So this is going to sound really weird but one of the Mortal Instruments made me the angriest and saddest person on earth because I love all of these characters but the problem is that they don’t exist, and then I had a little existential crisis.

9. Which book made you cry the most?

Glass Sword made me cry a bit but the Fault in Our Stars made me cry the most I think.

10. Which book cover do you hate the most?

Either the Dutch covers of Gossip Girl or the UK editions of the Grisha Trilogy, I really don’t like them. :/.

Let me know if you’ve done this tag.


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