The Books & Coffee Blog in 2017

Hey guys! We’re celebrating our one year anniversary in February next year, which is in two months! We will get to the mooshy part later, but we wanted to inform you on some things that are going to change next year: 

  • More posts on Instagram and on here. There have been times where we just skipped two weeks because we didn’t have inspiration or didn’t have time. We’re really going to try to post more. On Instagram, we are succeeding so far! 
  • Another look. I know we’ve been playing around with the look of our site and we will continue doing that. We’re currently working on one, even! 
  • More interaction. We currently have around 600 followers and we’d love to interact with you more. This can mean giveaways, bookswaps or something else. 
  • Followers. I know it’s a big number but at the end of the year I (Sigrid) hope to have 1500 followers. Can we do it? 
  • Effort. Amber and I put so much effort in in the beginning and I feel like I specifically have been not doing that lately. So in the new year, I’m going to give the full 120%
  • We have a secret project coming up for you, which will be unlocked at 1000 followers…
  • We will be more active on Twitter, Facebook and other platforms. 
  • We will try to be working with companies, because it’s something very fun and new to us. We will only work with a company, though, that fits our audience and standards.  

Those are some of the  goals we feel quite strong about and we will try our best for to make happen. Now for the mooshy part: 

We are incredibly thankful for everyone that has supported us. We learned so much this year and though it was a bad year for reading books for me (Sigrid),it still was a good year in general. We met nice people throughout the platform, learned so many new things, did (Camp) Nanowrimo, Skyped hours about just books, got closer as friends. We are so thankful. We bought quite a few books this year and my bookcase is really getting too small…
We hope everyone has a lovely 2017; stay safe! (Who are we kidding you’re all going to stay in reading until 23:59) We love you very very very very very much and happy new year!

Amber & Sigrid  

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