The Iron Trial – Holly Black & Cassandra Clare – Amber

Where do I even start? This book got me hooked until the last page. I just finished it, like 2 seconds ago and went to make you guys a review.

So I’ll start by giving 5/5 stars. This book. I knew I shouldn’t have joined the giveaway that gave, both of us, The Iron Trials. I couldn’t stop reading it, but I had to because I was so tired. But now I finished it and the second book is almost released in Dutch, which I want to buy and read it and write fanfics about and just everything and anything. Let’s start with the characters:

Callum Hunt, he’s insecure because of his leg but covers it with his sarcasm and sassy comments (I love him). He really looks like me, I think. He is so brave, so smart and so insecure. I really felt for him and almost (note almost) cried because of some comments that insulted Call. I really felt for him and his dad. Who I also love. He tried to do whatever he could to get kicked out, but in the end, he didn’t. He stayed and rescued Aaron and Tamara and they rescued him and *sigh*. I just love him.

Tamara Rajavi, in the beginning, I really hated her. In the way you want to kill her. Now I want her to marry Aaron and give us small little baby Makaris. Because I love them together and I ship them. I don’t have many things to write about Tamara, most of the time I got annoyed with her and the other time I loved her. Which I do now.

Aaron Stewart, what do I have to say about you? Ah yes! I know it: propose to Tamara and give us baby Makaris. Oh, and would you like to save the world as well? Thanks! Aaron, my baby. He is so smart and handsome (for a 12/13-year-old) and still manage to save the whole Magisterium by just being Aaron. Also, I don’t have many things to write about him, but I just wanted to say: I love you and Call and Tamara.

Now about the book:

It was a book which reads really good, even though I started reading this in March *gasp*. I really enjoyed the writing and the font in general. It was just perfect the way it is. When I started this book I wasn’t really sure if I could or even wanted to finish it, because it included the elements and I really did not want some kind of Avatar or Korra or whatevah. But I loved and am really looking forward to the next book.

Have a nice day/morning/afternoon/evening/night wherever you live.

Kisses, Amber.