The Secret Life Of A Book Blogger Tag

Waddup, it’s Sigrid! So, I saw this lovely tag on Read At Midnight her blog first, so go check that one out, too. Let’s roll!


I have now been an “official” blogger for this blog since February, so let’s see, about 9 months? I have had a blog before when I was twelve, which I did for around 5 months and even though it was to cry, it was still a blog and believe me, I was dedicated AF. So, 14 months. And I still love doing it everyday ☺


Oh, hard one. As much as I like to say “Never ever not ever!” and turn it into a job, I also think I should be realistic. Though stressful sometimes, I enjoy doing it severely and hope to continue doing it that way. As soon as that’s not the case anymore, I think I have to consider stopping but so far, no, I don’t plan on stopping. Not at all!

3It’s a dream! Putting your opinion out there, being creative and original is truly a challenge, but is also so much fun! Also, interacting with people is great. I love doing that. You can create whatever you want, however you want. I just think you have so much freedom to be original.


The worst thing is the critisism from the real world which I think is truly coming from not knowing about blogging. Blogging really is something that popped up the last few years and it is understandable people don’t (fully) understand what it is about, but as they say: ‘don’t knock it ’till you try it!’ and I so agree. People are so easy to judge (hipster Sigrid coming along) I don’t do much about it, I just friendly explain what I do and what it is. It’s no use screaming at them. WHY DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND I JUST LIKE TO WRITE ABOUT BOOKS AND PHOTOGRAPH THEM, WOMAN?

5For our Instagram, I’m guessing. One picture takes me from 20 to 30 minutes. I really want to upgrade to a new camera/phone because I think my photo’s aren’t the best and yeah. Can’t wait for my birthday!

6I think Maxon from The Selection series. My ABSOLUTE book crush is Patrick from TCHOYAM. He is such a babe. I won’t start on that, because then I’ll ramble forever.

7So many. Like Tim Burton (yes, he wrote books) and Maggie Stiefvater. Tim Burton because I love his twisted, unique mind and Maggie Stiefvater because I just have so many questions for her (for one: Why did you voluntarely make me sob so much?)

8Probably yoga pants, a big shirt and warm socks. Or a nightgown, to really get into character.


In general, 30 minutes. I like to think I’m pretty quick, but I actually have no idea. I spend the most time on make-up, even though I don’t wear that much. My eyeliner looking nice and even is just really important for me. 😉 For a blog post or photo, I don’t get ready. I don’t plan things out, don’t have a schedule. I just make something when I like and I think I prefer that to schedules. I write or photograph until I have content I can be happy with, even if that means it can take up to a few hours.

10Everyone is so sweet and caring. I know we all share the same passion and everyone just respects each other. To me this only proves the point that people who read are more intelligent. Love you all!

11STAY. YOSELF. Create shizz you like, do things that inspire you. After all, I think you blog for your own fun and not other’s. Also, just try your best. You’ll get there!

Did it! As I said before, check the one from Read At Midnight out too and I’ll see you later!



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