The Stages of Reading a Book – Amber

Hello, lovelies! Today I will be sharing the stages of reading a book with you. I wrote everything myself so if you plan on using this, please give credit. Thank you and enjoy!

Stage 1: Start reading a book you think you will like or has your interest.

Stage 2: Continue reading – the feels will start coming and you finally start to understand the narrator’s problem(s).

Stage 3: You start searching spoilers on the internet because you NEED to know what happens next, even though the only thing you need to do is continue reading.

Stage 4: Finishing the book within the night itself. Of course, it doesn’t matter if you have to go to school or work the next day at 7 AM and you are still reading while it’s already 4 AM.

Stage 5: Cry uncontrollably, needing answers for that cliffhanger.

Stage 6: Realising the sequel doesn’t come out until next year. Cry some more.

Stage 7: Booktube. You need to know the opinions of BookTubers about this book.

Stage 8: Bookstagram . You need to find beautiful pictures with this beautiful book and one more picture is never enough.

Stage 9: Denial. No, this book hasn’t ended yet or you just haven’t finished it yet. Or you know, you never will finish it…

Stage 10: Your friends and family start to worry about you, your bloodshot eyes and your messy/greasy hair. Maybe they even start to worry about you not leaving your room for the past couple of days…

Stage 11: Accepting. You finally (Geez, that took you a LONG time) accept the fact that you finished the book and you can’t wait for the sequel. Oh! Look at that pretty book over there!

Stage 12: Starting a new book and do this all over again and again and again…

By the way, this happens to me all the fricking time. You are not the only one 🙂 Let me know what you thought of this!

Bye, guys!

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