Things Booknerds Are (Suprisingly) Good At – Sigrid

Fellow booklovers, it’s time to stand up with and stand with pride (and a book in our hands!)

We are not antisocial, we are readers! We’re not procrastinating live, we’re just enjoying it differently!

And heck, there’s a lot of things we booknerds are fricking good at. People won’t always acknowledge it and that’s okay, but it’s good to stand still and realize you’re good at at lot of things. We booknerds have something incredible in common: reading. Here’s things us booknerds are pro’s in!

  1. We usually are very articulate. I know I am… sometimes a bit too much. People tend to tell me to stop using ‘difficult words’ and I usually don’t even realize when I’m using them. Does anyone else have this?
  2. I mean, this is kinda obvious, but the look on people’s faces when they realize how quick you read will always be hilarious to me.
  3. We are very good at staying up late.
  4. We are often very loveable and loving people. That’s because we attach too much to fictional characters.  We also are very emotional. That’s because DAM AUTHORS KEEP KILLING EVERYONE I LOVE.
  5. We are very creative. This can be taken loosely. We can be creative writers, painters, making music. Books inspire us a lot and we therefore want to learn to express ourselves, even if we’re not that good at it.
  6. Readers are often quite calm, or can be. I mean, if we can spend hours in a book in silence, it’s easy for us to stay concetrated.
  7. We know how to keep a relationship (kinda) because we read all about every sort of relationships.
  8. We’re great at spending money. Wow wow wow, a $45 dollar special edition? HELLS YEAH.
  9. According to the amazing @booksbyjasmine on Instagram, we’re great at solving murders which I agree on.
  10. We can feel the presence of books in a room. No really. It’s like a superpower.

Ok guys, these were the things I could come up with. If you know any else, please comment them below, I’d love to know. What do you think we’re good at?

Have a good one!

– Sigrid.

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