Throne of Glass – Book Review – Amber

Hi, guys! Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas. I really liked it and gave it a 5/5 stars!

What is the book about:

Calaena Sardothien once was the famous Assasin of Adarlan. Now she lives as a slave in the salt mines of Adarlan until one day a stranger escorts her to the crown-prince. She needs to compete in a competition to be the Kings-Champion. After four years of working, freedom will be granted to her. But that only happens if she wins. And if she wants to win, she needs to fight 23 other Champions. These Champions are mainly killers, thieves, and ex-soldiers. She’s desperate to win but when her competitors get killed one by one, she isn’t so sure anymore…

The Main Characters:

  • Celaena Sardothien, an 18-year old girl who is making a living by being an Assasin, not just an assassin but the Assasin of the kingdom of Adarlan. She currently lives as a slave (we do not know why or how it happened) in the Salt mines of Endovier.We do know that she survived the mines, something which most people don’t. She likes to read, play the piano but she is most talented in being an Assasin. She is average height, has long ‘’golden’’ hair but her eyes are strange. They are turquoise with a golden ring surrounding the iris. She is mysterious, funny, sassy, smart and likes to joke. When she gets angry or sad she is either utterly calm or most likely wants to kill you.
  • Dorian Havilliard, he’s the 19-year-old crown prince of Adarlan. He loves his kingdom but hates how it became one kingdom. He has a strong opinion but is shy to share it with others. He has one brother, Hollin who we haven’t met throughout the book. His best friend is Chaol, the Captain of the guard. Dorian is said to be tall, handsome with sapphire blue eyes. He’s kind, funny and smart. He gets passionate about things easily and shows it to anyone who thinks otherwise.
  • Chaol Westfall. Chaol is the captain of the guard and the best friend of Dorian. He would have been the heir to Anielle, which would make him a duke but declined it so now his brother will be the duke. He doesn’t trust Celaena at all. Only in the middle/the end he finally begins to trust her. He escorts her everywhere and trains with her to make her the kings Champion. He’s very strict and cold, but once he warms up he can be nice, witty and will be a real friend.
  • Nehemia Ytger. Nehemia is the crown princess of a nearby country, The king is desperate to have Eyllwe in his hands as well, a reason for Nehemia to be at the Glass palace and make sure he doesn’t do a thing to her country. She begins to form a friendship with Calaena because they understand each other very well. She is very passionate about her country and things that have to with it. She is nice and caring but doesn’t like the Adarlan court very much.

My opinion:

I liked it very much. Everything about this book was gripping, the murders of the champions, Celaena’s secrets, the other champions, and their secrets, but in such a way that you cannot stop reading. The reason I picked this book up was the synopsis and the genre. It was intriguing, something I had never read or seen before. The plot is very good and there are a lot of plot twists. I liked the writing style of miss Sarah J Maas and it is written in 3rd person. It wasn’t very hard to read, but I’ve been reading mostly English books, which makes it easier for me to read. There weren’t any difficult words except for the names of the characters, countries and magical words (basically all the words she made up) but they were in a list at the end of the book of how to pronounce them. I liked how Sarah J Maas got the idea of writing her story, she was listening to the film music of Cinderella, the moment where Cinderella flees the ball, and Sarah J Maas thought about why she was fleeing the ball in such a rush. It is a very original book and something new. Sarah J Maas has written a book which no other author has tried to write. I recommend it to anyone who likes high fantasy, some mysterious vibe, and the young adult genre. I also recommend it to people who want to try something new.

I hope you enjoyed my review! Have a nice day, bye guys!

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