Who Is The Idiot Running This Thing? – Sigrid

That idiot is me!

We never really introduced ourselves and since our blog exists 6 months today (!!!), I decided it would be time to properly introduce myself. So, if you want to get to know this weirdo, keep on reading!


My full name is Sigrid Elies, but I go by Sigrid or Sig or Potato. I’m kidding! I don’t go by Sig. I’m an Aquarius and was born on the 24th of January. I am now 14 years old. I am afraid of the dark (lame, I know). I like indie music and am an absolute nerd for musical music. When I’m older I want to work in the musical world, whether that is as an actress, scriptwriter or I don’t even care. It would be my absolute dream. I had a really lame lifestyle blog before when I was 11/12 but ended up deleting it a few months ago when I found out it still existed because 1) the English was horrendous and 2) I had nothing to write about so a rock was more interesting. I’ve been reading since forever, which I explained in my Fifty Bookish Questions Tag. Also, I really love noodles. I REALLY LOVE NOODLES. Chicken Noodles, especially. If it weren’t for Amber, this probably would’ve been The Books & Noodles Blog. It doesn’t have that nice of a ring to it, does it? If I had to describe my life in one picture, it would be this one:


I would be him. Umm… My favourite musical is The Little Mermaid, which I saw when I was 12, I think. It just did something to me. My favourite movie is Let It Be by Bertie Gilbert. It’s great. It’s on youtube, so if you want to see it, click here. My favourite colour is either yellow or green, I can never choose. My favourite song is Sexual by NEIKED. I’m currently not in a relationship, so hit me up y’all! I’m kidding, oh my God, I’M KIDDING. I have green eyes and I’m a blonde (How Dutch of you, Sigrid. Why, I know.) To add up to that Dutchness, I’m 5,6 ft (67.32 inches, for ya Americans).

I’ve overcome mild depression and anxiety and though I still struggle with my anxiety sometimes, it doesn’t defy me like it used to. Heavy, but I just wanted to say that I too have flaws (loads) and struggle with those daily. I always see my anxiety as this little figure on my shoulder that is scared and me, trying to comfort him and tell him we can do it, together. This may sound absolutely mental, but hey, it works so why don’t give it a swirl? If I could be in one place forever it would be the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, in Orlando Florida. When I’m done with school, it would be ideal for me to study in England. I really like Great Britain and would love to learn more about this tea-sipping, Harry-potter-reading, utterly-polite, fish-and-chips-eating land that you speak of. I like to write, too, but haven’t been doing too much of it lately.

I’d say I’m quite creative since I like to paint and draw too. I’m naturally a really loud person because I have a loud voice and get too excited about things. You know how’s that gonna go. When we got our hands on the 5 Seconds Of Summer tickets we literally scared this guy so much because we were screaming so much. I’m sorry, random guy from school. This year I’m going to a new school since my grades were bad and though scared, I’m also quite excited to go.

That’s a wrap! You now know more than enough about the 50% running this blog that is actually an idiot so that you can now use it against meh. Good luck!


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