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Hello everyone, it´s Amber how are you? It has been a while, I know I’m sorry. School has been taking over my life recently. Anyways, a few weeks back I saw on The Book Ranter’s Instagram story her blog post of her Autumn Playlist/Recommendations and I thought it was such a cool post so I asked her if I could do a similar post and that is this post. So credits to Emilie for the idea!


So today I will be sharing my Winter playlist and recommendations for you! It’s all Kpop but that doesn’t mean it isn’t Christmassy and Wintery! Music has a big role in my life, I always listen to music. When I cycle to school when I’m studying when I’m playing games when I’m writing for the blog. You get the point. It has already been freezing here in the Netherlands and the weather is just the worst. Which means Winter is coming (see what I did there? :D). Basically, most of these songs hold some meaning to Winter, Christmas or just songs that I find nice to listen to when it gets colder, darker and just to relax with. Enjoy!

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You should definitely check out my other playlists because I’m really active on Spotify. Also, I’ll be adding more songs later to this playlist so you should follow it if you like my music taste! :).

Why did I choose most of these songs?

Well, like I said before, Winter and Christmas. But because I was planning on doing an Autumn post (and I forget) I thought I would make a Winter version. As you can see I included a lot of EXO, that it because they have a lot of (really nice) Winter/Christmas albums. If there are other Kpop stars that will be releasing new Christmas albums in the upcoming weeks, I’ll be sure to add them.

There is some BTS in the playlist as well, but they don’t really make Christmas albums and Winter ones, I’ve included some songs like Autumn Leaves (because well, Winter stars and the leaves are falling) and Spring Day because even in Spring it can feel like Winter).

Also, two songs from Girls Generation, both Christmas songs. They’re just fun to listen to and definitely have that Christmas vibe.


Anyways, that’s it for today, I hope you liked it and I might make one for Spring as well!


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